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Brookvale’s Management & Senior Staff Structure

Board of trustees

Stephen Pollock

Carl Richmond L.L.B hons (C.E.O)

Gareth Richmond (Quality Assurance)  

Lynne Richmond (Executive Director)

Georgia Mchugh (Registered Manager)

Amanda Jones (Staff Manager)

Hazel Horrocks (Head of Primary Care)

Sarah Rogers (Deputy of Primary Care)

Susan Nelson (Administration manager)                                             

Anne Horford (Head of Catering)                                                       


Susan Bishop (Senior Carer)                                                                               

Katherine Roddy ( Senior Carer)                                                               

Aksar Ahmed (Senior Carer)                                                               

Nicole Boyd (Head of housekeeping)

Lesley Nolan (Senior carer)                                                                

Gina Dela Cruz (senior carer)                                                                            

Dorothy Subuchas (Shift leader)                                                                      

Jeanette Reinante (Senior carer)

Paul Mclean(senior carer)      

Janet Wolfendale (Senior carer)                           

Hellen Mugdaza (Senior carer)                                                                                                    

Fire Lead- Katherine Roddy                                                                       

Infection control leads- Susan Nelson & Nicole Boyd

LD & Autism lead- Susan Bishop & Katherine Roddy                            

Moving & Handling lead- Susan Bishop

Safeguarding leads- Gareth Richmond & Georgia McHugh                  

Administration- Emma Mckee (Admin assistant)